Please join us by investing in our future and our ability to protect the future of girls by helping them gain access to health care and embrace healthy, crime-free lives for themselves and their children.

Your investment will enable us to continue to create access to critical health, reproductive, and mental health services for girls inside the juvenile justice system, and later, in their home communities. As a partner, you will enable us to ensure that vulnerable girls receive the health care they need early, when they need it most, and that their health needs are treated and followed, without interruption, both in institutions and in the community. Since many girls in the system are already mothers of young children supporting our efforts will help bring the needs of the next generation of vulnerable children to the attention of health care providers.

If you have any questions about making a gift to the Girls Health and Justice Institute, please call our office at 213-687-3500 and ask for our President, Leslie Acoca, or Sonia Rosario, our Program Director. Or you can email us at or

Thank you for your support!