Leslie at Digital Hollywood

Leslie Acoca participates on a panel, Women, Health, Wellness and Media: The Constituency of Care: From TV to the Internet – Apps to Websites, at the Digital Hollywood conference on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015.

Leslie Questions Zocalo Panel
Leslie Acoca (quoted below) asked 2 questions of a Zocalo Public Square panel on Prop. 47 sentencing reform in California. She later noted that if she had not brought up women and girls, they would not have been mentioned at all.

“The first question is: what gender specificity is there in all of the services and sentencing options that you’re describing? I spoke to the Attorney General’s office recently about this, and most of the re-entry programs are for men.

Secondarily, every prisoner loses their health benefits when they are incarcerated – loses or has it suspended. What efforts are being made to link health and justice, since we know that the ACA can provide a solution in linking our most disadvantaged re-offenders to health benefits?”

See the whole video below — Leslie’s questions begin at 36:18.

Leslie Acoca in “Under Siege!”
NGHJI President and Founder Leslie Acoca is featured in this clip from “Under Siege! Our Baby Girls Are Going to Prison for Profit,” a documentary film that explores the deplorable mass incarceration of girls in the United States.

2014 Stoneleigh Foundation Symposium
Leslie Acoca’s dramatic “What about the girls?” presentation for the 2014 Stoneleigh Foundation Symposium. Leslie describes ways to address the plight of girls in the juvenile justice system who suffer from unaddressed physical and mental health needs.

The California Wellness Foundation (TCWF)
Leslie Acoca’s “Ted Talk” on Girls Health Screen at TCWF’s 2012 Violence Prevention Conference

Stoneleigh Foundation
“Meet the Fellows: Leslie Acoca, MA, MFT” for Stoneleigh Fellowship Program


Where We Live, KNPR Radio
KNPR’s John Dankosky interviews Leslie Acoca and other juvenile justice experts on Connecticut’s proposed building of a second maximum security facility for girls: February 24, 2014.
Click below to listen:

Your Own Health and Fitness, KPFA Radio 
Leslie Acoca on “Ending Incarceration For Girls Through Health Screening“: January 7, 2014
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Shots: Health News, NPR
In Juvenile Detention, Girls Find Health System Geared to Boys, by Jenny Gold; November 26, 2012
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KPCC Crawford Family Forum
Radio Interview with Leslie Acoca: “Obamacare: Answers to the 6 most frequent questions about Covered California;” November 19, 2013