The Real Pink Shackles: Notes from Detention

Jenny Gold of Kaiser Health/NPR news and I noticed that the girls aged 11-17 who were locked up in New Mexico were wearing pink wrist shackles when they were brought in by law enforcement.

The 2,000 girls locked up in LA are also shackled in pink. I decided to buy some of real ones from Smith and Wesson or Peerless (two huge prison equipment companies) so I could bring home to people the horrible experience of young girls who have being forcibly restrained. It was NOT easy. Pink shackles were sold out almost everywhere! We finally got some Peerless pink handcuffs through Amazon. They are a bright pink and shockingly heavy and…small. Teen girls’ wrists are very small.

It is so wrong that the only concession to the unnecessary arrest and incarceration of little girls is the color of their handcuffs.

One thought on “The Real Pink Shackles: Notes from Detention

  1. harriet moss says:

    You are so right! It’s an outrage, in fact.

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